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Hi! I'm Sara, I usually just go by my artist name, Otter.


I've been an artist my whole life and have dabbled in many different mediums. In college, I was a printmaking focus because it was a really fun set of mediums and it allowed me to make my own prints whether on paper or shirts. My dream is to be a children's book illustrator or novel cover artist. Currently, I am working to establish my own art business, making and selling my art, especially my custom hand engraved mugs on Etsy. I have run several art booths at anime conventions and you may have seen me around Denver at any one of the free face painting booths I've set up at Barnes and Noble, Game Stop, Pearl Street Mall, or Starbucks for various events at those locations. I love working with kids, making people smile, and creating art, and I'm at my best when I combine all of those.

If you have anything that needs an artist's touch, message me at and I'll see what materials and time I'd be putting in and do my best to make your vision a reality! Flip through my Gallery above to get an idea of my personal style. I can also imitate others and work in many more mediums than I was able to include in those photos.

I hope you have a great day! ;D

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